Within its lines of specialization, Innovarcilla carries out R & D & i projects for companies through tailor-made technological developments that best meet their needs, also working in the search for partners, the search for R & D & i funding lines, the preparation of Proposals or the management of consortia.

Innovarcilla is a node of the Network of Information Points on Research, Development and Innovation Activities of the CDTI (PIDI Point), to advise on the R & D & i funding lines.

Likewise, own projects are carried out, in which Innovarcilla is involved as a partner of the project, together with companies and other research organizations.

These actions are carried out within the lines of expertise of Innovarcilla, which are aligned with the Andalusian Innovation Strategy 2014-2020 - RIS3, mainly in the following priorities:

  • PRIORITY 3. Sustainable Use of Endogenous Territorial Resources
  • PRIORITY 7. Promotion of Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Construction



  • Design and development of new materials and ceramic pastes for innovative applications and functionalities
  • Improvement of ceramic products and correction of pathologies, based on analysis of raw materials and optimization of the production process
  • Energy optimization of the ceramic production process and of its thermal energy consumption
  • Energy and material recovery of waste and by-products
  • Development of new manufacturing and materials forming processes for productive optimization and adaptation to each product's needs
  • Quality control of the manufacturing process and final product
  • Development of new ceramic products for both traditional and innovative applications
  • Design and development of new and innovative constructive solutions and with higher levels of industrialization and prefabrication
  • Performance evaluation and characterization of constructive solutions properties to reach higher levels of comfort
  • Environmental advice and sustainability


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