Laboratory of ceramic processing

The laboratory has a complete equipment able to simulate the various industrial processes of ceramics manufacture at a laboratory and pilot scale.

For this purpose, the most decisive technology characterizations of the production process are made, thus predicting the behavior of materials at various stages of production and in their final performance, and paying particular attention to the processes of drying and firing in the case of ceramic materials:

  • Sample Preparation: crushers, grinders, mixers, cutting and machining of specimens, metallographic preparation.
  • Physical characterization of dry and fired specimens: density, modulus or rupture, shrinkage, water absorption, etc.
  • Forming: Vacuum extruder, presses and other wet forming methods (slip casting, etc.)
  • Thermal characterization. Design of firing cycles.
  • Microstructural characterization and porosity analysis.
  • Acoustic characterization.


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